Windmill theme#


Windmill theme focuses on clean usable navigation for large documentation projects. It retains the state of the menu of pages and folders across page transitions, by keeping navigation to an iframe.

It also implements a versatile search, featuring term highlighting, and both a quick dropdown and a full-page option that allows the user to come back to search results.

Within pages, it uses the default mkdocs theme, including syntax highlighting.


Install the Windmill theme using pip:

pip install mkdocs-windmill

To install and get started with mkdocs, follow MkDocs documentation.


To use the Windmill theme installed via pip, add this to your mkdocs.yml:

theme: 'windmill'

If you cloned Windmill from GitHub:

  name: null
  custom_dir: '{INSTALL_DIR}/mkdocs_windmill'
  # Copy settings from mkdocs_theme.yml, which is ignored by custom_dir themes.
  static_templates: [404.html]
  search_index_only: true
  include_search_page: true

Note that it's important for there to exist a homepage, e.g. a top-level root element in mkdocs 1.0+:

  - Home:

See Customization for a few extra configuration options supported by the Windmill theme.