A standalone viewer for .grist (and .csv) files on your website

Example 1

investment-research.grist, drill down, summarize data.

Example 2

flashcards.grist, using custom widgets.

Example 3

A tabula rasa, a blank slate to scribble on.

Use Grist as the PDF of data:
  • Publish your annual report and interactive spreadsheets side by side, on your site, without any special services needed.
  • Have the data behind your article on hand for readers to explore.

No special server is needed for grist-static, it works straight from a CDN or any standard web server.

Grist can also view .csv files:

Learn more:

<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf8">
    <script src=""></script>
    <title>100% browser-based Grist</title>
    <div id="were-div"></div>
        initialFile: 'weresheet.grist',   // optional path to .grist
        name: 'Werewolf Fact Sheet',      // optional name
        elementId: 'were-div',            // optional element name
        singlePage: true                  // optional minimalist style